Established in 1973, Yangzhou Bulb Group is the largest neon lamp producer in the world. The company started out as a township enterprise producing light bulbs in its early years. The company started venturing into neon lamps production in the early 90’s. It formed strategic alliances with foreign investments.

The company has been profitable since its production of neon lamps in the first year. It grew at a very fast rate and became the largest producer of neon lamps in China and hence the world. Our core competences lie in manufacturing/production. We are able to riding down the learning curve and enjoy economies of scale over our competitors. We are the cost leader in producing neon lamps in China. We have capable management team and disciplined workers with excellent relationship with the local government.广东好彩1最新开奖结果查询 千炮彩金捕鱼最新下载 多乐彩开奖 单机麻将免费 pc蛋蛋娱乐 能兑换的棋牌游戏? 6个平码怎推算下期 官方上海11选 南宁麻将算法 一点红四肖选1肖 快乐双彩开奖结果 棋牌娱乐官网 中超战报最新 打麻将有什么技巧 36选7胆拖计算器 波克捕鱼达人千炮版 星悦陕西麻将官方下载