1. Where is Yangzhou located at in China? And what are the competitive advantages of Yangzhou?

A city of Jiangsu province, Yangzhou is located at the north bank of the Yangzhi river. It is a well know city for its historically legacies, richness in culture and beauty in scenery. A home town of the former president Mr. Jiang Zhe-Ming, Yangzhou consists of 6,638 squared km with a population of 1.08 million.

Yangzhou is well connected to the rest of China in trains and highways. It takes 8 hours to Beijing, 3.5 hours to Shanghai, and 1 hour to Nanjing. A bridge that connects Yangzhou to the south is under construction and scheduled to complete by 2004. Yangzhou enjoys abundant labor supply. It also has abundant skilled workers with 250,000 workers graduated from the secondary schools or higher.

2. How can we trust you with the quality of your products?

Our modern production equipments, abundant experience in the neon lamp industry, and disciplined workers guarantee our product quality. Our brand YJ is well known in the market. Our yield is 97% and sales return is kept at a minimum of 0.3%.

3. Where do you stand against other competitors?

We are currently and in the foreseeable future the largest producer of neon lamps in China. Our scale is much bigger than our competitors and our cost structure is lower.

4. What is the financial health of the company?

Our company is currently debt free. We grew from one product line to 80 lines over the years. The company remains very profitable and has never suffered a loss after producing neon lamps.

5. Any significant future plans?

The company is under negotiation with the local government with a management buyout. The company is primed to be a privately held company in the near future.

6. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

We will be a major production/manufacturing power house in Yangzhou. We like to seek the status of a publicly-listed company in a few years time.

7. What is your relationship with the local government?

We enjoy an excellent relationship with the local government. We treasure good citizenship and are one of the major tax contributors in Yangzhou.

8. Why should we become your partners?

If you want to tap into the China market, if you want to lower your production costs, if you want to find a trustworthy partner and if you are looking for a win-win relationship, we will be the right partner for you. 广东好彩1最新开奖结果查询 天天爱麻将下载 天乐红中麻将 六台彩图库大全 香港精选精准九肖中特 博乐填大坑下载并安装 星力捕鱼*平台 黑龙江p62开奖软件 大嘴棋牌官网免费提 jdb电子龙王捕鱼移分技巧 北京快8开奖走势图 长沙麻将中途四喜 山西大唐麻将下载安装 彩票天天选四开奖结果 篮球世界杯赛程 河北排列7走势图 pc蛋蛋信誉群